FAITH: It’s Impossible To Do The Impossible, Without It

… No use trying to do the impossible without faith. It will not work. But if you put all your confidence in GOD… and learn to establish an environment of faith, you can actually say what You want to come to pass… and you will have what you say – according to GOD’s word. All you need is “Mustard seed” faith…

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All things are possible if you learn to keep your faith at or above the “Mustard seed” level. To do so, you must always keep your eye on your “faith gauge”. Monitor it closely. You can do anything when you put all your trust in GOD. It’s also necessary to not just make GOD “a part of” your “circle of influence”… but you have to make HIM “THE” circle of influence over your life – by including HIM in everything.

JESUS talked about the quantity of faith that it takes to do the impossible. HE said, [“If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” ~ Matthew 17:20].

The Mustard plant is a somewhat peculiar plant. It grows to a remarkable size in comparison to the original (tiny) mustard seed. JESUS referred to the principles of the Kingdom of GOD as a living thing that grows within us to produce remarkable things.

Therefore, it is not the quantity of your faith but the quality of faith – or the confidence – you have in GOD and GOD’s Word. JESUS compares mustard seeds to mountains. HE says that it only takes a mustard seed amount of faith in the principles of the Kingdom of GOD to remove huge obstacles such as mountains. You have to have a mustard seed amount of faith in the Word of GOD, in order to prove GOD’s word that “nothing is impossible to you.”

  1. To Do The Impossible, do your best to keep your mental environment free from the influence of negative clutter – from the people around you. Know your value – and always “Love yourself” enough to walk away from things that no longer help you grow…, or from things that no longer make you HAPPY.
  2. To Do The Impossible, you have to allow GOD to STRETCH YOU. Sure, it might result in you having to toss and turn, and lose sleep… wondering what to do next. Eventually, though, you will realize that when you decide to put everything in GOD’s hands – “step out of the boat” of what’s easy and comfortable to you – and trust GOD, everything will change for you… and the impossible will begin to happen.

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