If At First You Don’t Fail…You Won’t Ever Succeed

The greatest Teacher of all (Jesus) once said: “For what shall it profit man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” What does it profit a man if he “makes it big” at the cost of happiness, health, joy of living, domestic life, and the ability to appreciate Nature’s beauties and simple pleasures?

Fail-Digital-Vision-630x472 (550x412)

There is no success without failure. At the same time, there is also no success without GOD at the forefront of the person who is striving to be more. Success, then, is the achievement of something worthwhile; something that can make the world, the community, and you… better and richer, and add something to the common good, which ultimately glorifies GOD.

If we overcome our own weaknesses, help others along life’s pathway, and do our daily work better than we need to, our life cannot be anything other than successful. If, at the end of our life, we can be thankful for it, realizing that we have made the best possible use of it, we have achieved real success.

You have to do things differently – and put in a little extra – to have better… to be more… to be great…to find happiness and peace. In the process, you have to see your future success in your mind’s eye – and ‘WILL’ it into being as you work toward its achievement. Then it will happen. Happiness is already yours… you just have to take possession of it – one strategic move at a time.”

Success, to the un-enlightened, may mean the accumulation of wealth and the winning of fame. Yet those who give up their lives to acquire these things are the greatest failures in life. They gain wealth, it is true, but they find that their money can buy only those things that bring no satisfaction: that it cannot purchase, for them, any of the things, which are really worth having. Success of this hollow kind, can be won, but at too great a price.

Humankind must have a great will to “strive”. We must be forever seeking better things and to express ourselves more perfectly. Someone who drifts through life, making no effort to rise to better things, is not worthy of the name of citizen. If we are to be worthy of the breath GOD gives us daily to live and conquer, then we must be forever striving, overcoming, rising.

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