Why It’s Important To Evaluate The People In Your Life


Lead, or be led. Take responsibility for being in charge of everything that is you. Get to know… and evaluate the people in your life. Then, promote, demote or terminate… as you see fit. It’s your life. So, choose your path… and never allow anyone to stand in the way of your happiness. 

Businesswoman-opening-office-door (550x550)

Your life is a result of the choices you make, and the ones you should, but don’t. Therefore, it is important, as the CEO of your life, to stand up for yourself and be who you are. Follow your dreams. If you are not sure about who you are… or what you want out of life, someone somewhere… or something, will try to control your life.

People will try to control you, without realizing it – based on their own wants and needs. In the meantime, others have a well-defined mental plan of exactly what they want out of you… whether you like it, or not, they will do everything they can to get it. It’s all a part of life, and as your life’s CEO, you have to determine: 1. Who 2. How much 3. When, and… 4. How often

Lifestyle Choices

Some people’s behaviors will affect your lifestyle choices… and your stress level. It may not cause stress directly, but it can interfere with the way your body seeks relief from stress. Keep in mind, though, that you are responsible for what happens to you. You don’t have to go along with everything, everyone wants you to do. Trying to please everyone, all the time, can cause you to:

  • Have negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself and others
  • Experience fear and insecurity
  • Go through bouts of anxiety depression
  • Have moments of rage… and guilt
  • Feel a sense of worthlessness or powerlessness

All of these emotions can trigger stress in your life, just as an actual threat would. That is why should deal with every event in your life with balance and a sense of purpose.

Communicate What You Want, Effectively

The job of problem solving is left up to, as the CEO. It’s an important job, too. Solving problems correctly and in a timely manner, can make you. However, allowing things to linger… or not addressing people and problems when you should, can break you… and add unnecessary stress to your life.

It’s all about how communicate your views to people. Having an assertive style of communication helps you communicate in a way that makes your views known without making others feel put down, hostile, or intimidated. The whole idea, though, is for you to enjoy life to the fullest… and to boot out all aspects of needless stress from your life.

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