15 Thoughts To Help Awaken Your Inner Happiness

Each morning when you wake up, you have three choices: Go back to sleep and dream, sit around and daydream, or get up and make an effort to achieve your dreams.


Sadly, many people are not very good at determining what will make them happy. Although they think about it often, they write down goals…, they read books and go through seminars – to learn about happiness from other people – but they never discover it for themselves.

Happiness might seem hard to achieve, for some, but it really is very simple. All you have to do is: Start… where you are. Use… what you have. Do… what you can. Live your life well. Keep these 15 things in mind, to awaken your happiness, as you go through the day:

  1. You only lose what you cling to.
  2. You cannot lose what is not yours.
  3. You have everything you need to be happy.
  4. A happy life does not require much at all.
  5. If you carry the bricks of your past with you, you will build the same house.
  6. You attracted the things that are in your life. To change your life, choose to change.
  7. You are as free as you decide to be.
  8. The only important things in life are the little things– enjoy them the most.
  9. You never arrive at happiness, you just learn to live it.
  10. Great things are usually preceded by chaos.
  11. Find something to celebration every day and you’ll never live a boring life.
  12. A simple life is the happiest life.
  13. Nobody will give you permission to start living life.
  14. Do everything with a slow pace and a lot of love.
  15. If you let other people’s negative opinions take weight within you, you’ll burn yourself alive, even though you didn’t start the fire.

All it takes to be happy… is you making the determination to make happiness the top priority in your life. It requires faith and positive thinking… and the strength of mind to let go of the negative thoughts, which interfere with your happiness.

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