Reasons Your Happiness Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Life is shorter today, than it was yesterday

Time is fast, and life will not take a break

There is no replay

There is no rewind

So enjoy every moment of life that you can…

as it comes.


 A group of people in a huddle on a white background

Allow yourself to have a great day. Put your dial on smile… and your heart on happy! Keep your mind on GOD… and all that is good about life. At the end of the day, be happy knowing you have given life all that you can give it, to make it a great day. Make sure you make your day matter.

Be happy for no reason; just because. If you have to have a reason to be happy, you’re in trouble because that reason may never come…or if it does come, it can be taken from you.

Every day, people continue to live as though they will live forever… putting off their dreams and the pursuit of achieving their goals until that perfect day called “Tomorrow”. People continue to search, to narrate… and live their lives as though they will have a tomorrow to live out all of the beautiful fantasies and mental promises they have set up in their minds – when everything is perfectly in place. The reality; however, is that if they don’t start living those perfect dreams today, they will live forever on the promise of tomorrow.

The promise of tomorrow is a daydream. It is a daydream, which is full of visions, hopes, and issues that don’t exist. So, the minute you start thinking of the past or future… please understand that it’s only a thought of a thing, a thought that’s happening in a now. A now that you’re missing out on.

Truth is… if today does not change you, tomorrow won’t either. If you are employed by a company now that does not change you, the next job will not change you either. If you don’t make changes to the present relationship you’re in now, the next relationship will be the same… unless you decide to make the needed changes.

Everything about happiness starts with you. You have to make changes now. There is no tomorrow… only a series of “Todays” – which you’re given to enjoy life. Your problems will change as the things in your life change.

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