Success: A Journey That Tests Your Faith

One of the most valuable lessons you can discover about life is something that’s very straightforward: You will never earn success in life by simply wishing and believing. Success will only become a reality when you know what to do to earn it and go after it. Today, you may be a part of a crowd and follow what other people do in the world. But, if you apply yourself and go after your goals, the day will come when a crowd will follow you.” ~ Patrick A. Williamson

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Take a deep breath! Pull yourself together. You’ve come a long way on this life journey. Now, you have a long journey ahead of you in real life – today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year… and the years to come – before you arrive at the sweet spot of your life where you long to be. But, have faith that what you’re doing to prepare, will get you to your destination. Faith is the key to having a better life! Without faith, it’s not only impossible to please GOD… but it’s also impossible to achieve GOD’s plan for you. And without faith… you will never be able to achieve anything of value.

Applying faith to your life can take you from being an average ‘Joe’ or ‘Jane’… to being EXCELLENT and well-rounded. And you have this incredible opportunity – STARTING TODAY – to have an amazing life. But be careful that you don’t mess things up by not using your willpower, by having the wrong attitude… and by feeling thoughts of doubt about your ability to succeed. Today… be BIGGER and BETTER!

Forget about what has happened to you in the past… forget about what you think is happening to you now; and focus on the wonderful things that can happen For You going forward. Your life…depending on how you view it… can either be SPECTACULAR or dull and boring. It’s totally up to you what the outcome will be. Have Faith, because your attitude and approach to life is what determines how the events of ‘Your World’ will unfold. So be positive… and know that your life is worthwhile.

You were created and destined to be GREAT! Do you possess the willpower and all the other necessary traits we’ve discussed in this book that’s needed to achieve personal greatness?

All life requires you to do is – Try – with no serious thoughts of ever giving up. Because if you give up now… then what? What will you do? Where will you go? How will you survive? Who will believe in you? By giving up… you will cheat your family, your friends, your community, the world… and GOD – out of something great you’re supposed to achieve; most of all, though, you will cheat yourself out of happiness and fulfillment. KEEP GOING! KEEP TRYING! You’re going to WIN!

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