Does Happiness Depend On Circumstances?

Some people believe happiness depends on circumstances. That’s only true… with a twist. And the twist is, Happiness Depends On The Circumstances Of Your Faith. Therefore, anyone can have joy under any kind of condition… as long as they have faith! However, the joy which I am speaking of… can only come from GOD.


GOD knows you well. He created you… and He knew you long before He placed you in your mother’s womb to be formed into a human being. When He created you, He created you with… and for a purpose that is both earthly and spiritual. GOD’s ultimate purpose for you, though, is for you to serve Him.

To be HAPPY… you first have to know who you really are. Yet the only way for you to understand your true Identity… is to fully understand how your life centers around your relationship with GOD, first. Until then, the only thing you really know about You… is your name – and even that was given to you by someone else. But when you connect with GOD… you can begin to connect with the true YOU.

In reality, you’ve only formed opinions of who you are naturally, emotionally and physically. Think about it. Most of your:

1. Tastes

2. Points of view


4. Dislikes

5. Thoughts…

… were formed at some point in time from birth to now… based on either your environment, or parents opinions. But when you begin to identify with GOD… and with life spiritually, everything begins to make more sense. At that point, you begin to:

  • Make GOD the focus of your life
  • Strive to grow spiritually
  • Connect more with GOD through prayer
  • Study GOD’s Word to strengthen your knowledge of Him

At that point, too, you’ll know why: You’re here, where you fit in, and why all of your choices, hopes and desires have to center around GOD. But most of all, you make the connection with GOD’s Way… the Truth… and The Light. 

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