5 Things To Do Each Day… To Live Your Best Life

Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!” ― Steve Maraboli

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In life… there’s really nothing to fear! GOD provides… and He protects. Every day in which GOD gives you new life, you can never waste the time living in the past… or trying to change it. Also, you can’t think too far ahead and try to live in the future… or predict it. You have to live now… in this moment where you can make a real difference in your life going forward.

Real success is not the result of making money… but actually, making money is the result of success. Therefore, you have to be of service first, before you ever receive the payoff for the work you do. And, before you can become successful… you have to act the part of the successful person you have decided you to become.

If you trust GOD, you can succeed in overcoming your fears of loneliness, worry and doubt. To do so, you have to approach each day with a plan. Here are five things to include in your daily plans, to help you make it through each day… happier, better and stronger:

  1. Pray to GOD about everything.
  2. Set your goals, but enjoy life now.
  3. Decide to live the best you can today.
  4. Face the worst moments with faith.
  5. Never allow negative situations to stop you from reaching your goals… or from succeeding.

The enemy will play tricks on your mind. Yet, you cannot afford to play his game. When he tells you those sweet lies that your life will never be anything… you have to know within yourself, by faith, that things are not as bad as they appear. Your life is great. However, the enemy wants you to think otherwise.

For the average person, the procession through life is rather strange. What I mean is this; most children say:

 “When I’m bigger I will” [do this or that] Then when they get bigger, they say “When I grow up then I will” [do this or that]. After that, they say “When I get married I will” [do this or that]. And from there it turns to, “When I’m able to retire I will” [do this or that]. And when retirement finally comes… they look back on their lives and a cold wind suddenly seems to sweep over them. At that moment, they finally begin to realize how much of their life they’ve missed by – running the rat race – simply striving to get to the next point instead of enjoying the moment they were in.

Don’t let that be you!

One thought on “5 Things To Do Each Day… To Live Your Best Life”

  1. Very true. I loved the ending about striving to get to the next point instead of enjoying the moment. Thanks for the encouragement.


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