A Little Patience and Positivity Can Change Your Life

The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” ― Paulo Coelho

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For As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He…” Trust me! I’m not making this stuff up – this is a scripture from the Bible in Proverbs 23:7. It’s a powerful scripture, and its message is unmistakably clear, which is: 1. Have faith in GOD 2. Be Positive… and most of all, 3. Be Patient.

If you want to know how to live a happy and successful life… always keep this thought in your mind as you approach each day, and every situation: “Never affirm, or think about yourself, your prospects, your career, or your happiness… what you do not wish to come true.

The Law of Gestation states this:

Everything takes time to manifest. All things have a beginning and grow into form as more energy is added to it. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience if we have nourished them. How to apply it: Stay focused and know that your goals will become reality when the time is right.”

GOD requires patience from us… so that He can be glorified by us while we’re waiting on Him to work on our behalf. Therefore, going forward, we have to make the patient difference in our lives. So to be better in life, start today and expect success and happiness, and believe that the good things of the world are intended for you.

 We never can get more out of ourselves than we expect. If we expect great things, we have to demand them of ourselves; if we hold a high mental attitude toward our work and toward life, we can get much greater results than if we depreciate ourselves, and settle for only little things.  If you ever expect to do anything…

  • Set a plan in place
  • Trust GOD
  • Be patient

Don’t look for things on the outside of you to change your life, and move you forward. Your power is right inside you. GOD placed it there. Get up the steam… and forge ahead. You will never get very far any other way. You are only losing time if you’re trying to get power any other way. Develop and use your faith and inner power… no power on earth can hold you back from the goals you want to achieve for yourself.

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