What To Do When You Have A Need

Truly my soul waiteth upon GOD: from him cometh my salvation.  He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.” – Psalm 62:1-2

Make room for GOD in your life! When you have a need… tell it to GOD. GOD is the only ONE who can do something to improve your situation. Trust Him… but never rush for things to happen for you. And never try to control every moment. GOD is in control. What GOD has for you… is for YOU, and as long as you trust HIM, HE won’t allow you to miss out on a thing. In fact, “Your latter will be greater than your former.” Your best days are still ahead of you. So always, listen to GOD. Our “FATHER knows best!”

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Set your love on GOD. Then, set your life around GOD… and GOD will:

  • Deliver you
  • Bless you
  • Answer you
  • Be with you
  • Honor you

Here are some comments from several of my friends about “Trusting GOD.” Read what they had to say:

Just because God is all-knowing, doesn’t mean you don’t have to tell Him anything! Tell God you’re in need of something, tell Him when you’re struggling, tell Him when you desire to do wrong and you want Him to change that in you! God can see you through anything when you allow Him to see through you…transparency! Your willingness won’t be in His way; so not only can He save you or help you, but He can use you!

Most people don’t realize they can survive a lot just by telling God something He already knows! Also God can save us when we say, “Lord, I clearly desire to sin and I’m not strong enough to walk away on my own. So make me feel about these wayward desires, how You feel so I can be free from my sin and myself!” – H. Nelson


He is full of blessings and surprises and miracles! We pray for what is best for others and then God takes it and we have no control. He will take you down to your knees to a place where all you have is to look up and have faith and trust in Him not knowing how something is going to turn out. Then when you least expect it from all the prayers said, the tears cried, and what little faith you have left but you have a “smidgen” left because you are mentally, emotionally, and physically spent, something wonderful and surprising happens because He is so faithful. He TRULY knows the desires of your heart and keeps His promises for those who sincerely seek Him. Thank you once again, Patrick . I love the way God uses you to speak to others and give validation, confirmation and sometimes conviction when we need it the most if we really stay quiet and listen.– L. A. B. Folk


“We often want to do everything ourselves and forget to call on the One who takes care of us and will supply our needs. We leave Him out of decisions we have to face daily. He KNOWS… so include Him, and ask. We all NEED HIM in our everyday lives.” – B. Collins Shoemake

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