Happiness Is A ‘Chosen’ Attitude

Happiness… everyone is searching for it. But, happiness is not something that you’re born with, or that lasts a lifetime… without having to work to gain it. It comes from your own actions. It is a chosen attitude… and it’s personally up to you. No one can give it to you, because it can only come from within. Real happiness; therefore, is a reflection of how you see the world.

Where do you rate your personal happiness on a scale from 1 to 10? Whatever your rating is… are you pleased with it?

Large Group of Happy People standing together.

If you have been searching to find happiness, today may change your life. Have you ever considered the fact that GOD wants you to be happy? Yes, GOD wants all of us to be happy, but with one distinction. He wants you to realize, happiness is not a destination. In fact, when we make happiness our destination, we end up in misery. Rather, happiness is the scenery we experience as we draw closer to God in obedience. Happiness is the byproduct of a pro-GOD attitude and lifestyle.

You will never discover true happiness by living the life our culture promotes. Our culture says, “Forget about God and live as you please.” Our culture says, “God is make-believe. Set your own rules.” Our culture says, “You know what’s best. Take no prisoners.” Our culture says, “Follow your every desire and you will find happiness.” Our culture says, “Sin is just as likely to lead to happiness as obedience to Christ.” Our culture says, “Happiness is based on circumstances and happenings, not on getting connected to your creator God.”

Knowing Your Strengths — And Weaknesses

If your strengths include curiosity or love of learning, for example, you might give yourself the challenge of learning one new thing from each person you work with. If your strengths include gratitude or appreciation of beauty and excellence, then “stop and smell the roses” more often, and remember that the roses include the people you serve, or work with. Identify areas of excellence in other people, and make the most of genuine relationships.

If, for some reason, your circumstances – job, relationships, surroundings, etc. – feel entirely wrong for you, then you only have two choices: change your line of work, or change yourself to improve it. “Word to the wise,” nine out of ten times… it’s probably better to change yourself. Remember, make sure every decision you make concerning your life and your own personal happiness… is based on what will bring you inner happiness – and not outward happiness… which is only temporary.

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