With GOD, We Always Win

Everyone loves to win! And everyone loves a winner. Even GOD wants us to win. But we can only win… by seeking His face. Daily… GOD knocks at our door. But, we have to remember this one thing… and that is this; GOD’s knocking at our door is a direct result of our knocking at His door – willingly asking to enter in to Him.

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There’s a not-so-wise saying that tells us, “You win some, and you lose some.” Naturally, that could be true. But spiritually, it’s far from the truth. Why? Well, the Bible says in Romans 8: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD.” So, it doesn’t matter what happens in our lives, or what type of situation we go through… We Always Win!

GOD stands! And every day, He knocks at the door – our door. He’s after something from us. “GOD the Creator, knocking for me?” Oh, Wow… What An Opportunity! “But what could GOD want from little ole’ me”… you ask? Well let me tell you…

GOD is all about Love! There’s a soft, tender passion in the heart of GOD. Its flame burns steadily. It never flags or dims. The passion GOD has… is for each of us. And that passion itself… draws us back to Him with a drawing power that is irresistible. Unknowingly, we are being drawn – day by day. We can’t resist being drawn, even though we may refuse to yield to it.

On the other, there’s an answering passion in our own heart – for GOD. In many ways, it’s often a sort of longing, not clearly defined or well understood. It is a mute yearning of our heart for GOD, though often we don’t think of it that way. But it’s there; because the two – us and GOD – we belong together. We were meant to be together! Long ago, we were together… until sin drove its ugly wedge in between – in the Garden. Still, we – us and GOD – are a part of each other. Neither one of us is complete or happy… without the other.

The heart of GOD can only be satisfied… as mankind (You and me) comes back home to Him. And our heart can never rest… until it finds rest in comradeship with GOD. These two are always drawing toward each other. GOD is always drawing us by the great master-passion of His heart. And we (Whether we know it or not) are always responding to that tender, strong pull in the underneath, mute yearning of our heart.

And today, that same voice which cried out in the dusty streets way back when – to all who would listen – still calls out with a strangely gentle persistence… saying, “Come Unto Me,” knowing that if we answer… We Will Win!

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