Faith Can Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Life

What’s your purpose? If you’ve struggled in the past, trying to figure it out… I want you to think about something. When you were born, GOD equipped you with several important things – which are the equivalent of having a pot of gold. Those things are: 1. Faith 2. Ability 3. Choice

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You can choose to use your faith to make things happen for you in life, or you can live in doubt and just accept life’s hand-me-downs. Faith is the key to success.

On any given day, most of us normally perform far below our capabilities… simply because we lack faith. What’s even sadder, still, is sometimes we see other people as better than what we are. And because of that, we hold back and muzzle our talents. However; that should not be… it’s the exact opposite of what we should do. We should not be moved by what we see. Neither should we be moved by what we feel. We should only be moved – motivated – by what we believe.

How to Get Faith

“But, how do I get faith, you ask?” Well, you get faith by studying the Word of GOD. Study His Word until something in you “knows that you know” and that you do not just hope that you know. Every day, spend a little time reading the actions of the greatest faith teacher of all time – JESUS! He summed the whole act of faith up in a simple sentence when He said, “Go thy way, and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.”

That one statement puts the direction of our success… and our destiny, in our own hands. It’s a statement that cuts both ways – like a double-edged sword. In one way, faith is the key to unlock the door of success. In the opposite way, if it goes unused, it is the lock that imprisons and keeps us from experiencing success or the achievements we dream about.

Even as I write these words at this very moment, I write them with faith. I do so because I know that someone will read them and get a panoramic view, with their mind’s eye, of how to turn their faith into action.

Faith in Action

Faith is a positive power. It is the promise of the realization of things hoped for, that’s yet to be seen. But, faith only comes by doing. That goes for all of us. We learn by doing. And likewise, we add to our faith by expressing faith. In order for faith to be effective in our lives, it cannot exist in the passive state. Faith must be applied.

Faith is like a seed; plant it in your heart. Act on it! Be Patient! And in due time, GOD will give the harvest at the appointed time.

YOUR FAITH in GOD is the only thing that’s going to change your life. Nothing else will. It doesn’t matter:

1. How much… or how many times you’ve prayed

2. How much you’ve worried over it

3. How much sleep you’ve lost thinking about it

4. How many times you’ve rewritten your goals to motivate yourself

5. What personal strategies you’ve developed to find a solution

6. Who you’ve asked to pray for you

7. How many promises you’ve made to GOD… so you can get a breakthrough

 … All of those things are noble and honorable in GOD’s eyes, but none of them will work without YOUR FAITH. Without YOUR FAITH… don’t expect answers, and don’t expect GOD to change anything in your life. With FAITH; however, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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