How To Make Faith Work

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.” ― Max Lucado

Faith is a gift from GOD. Faith is about trusting GOD, in spite of every circumstance that life brings – good or bad. Each day, faith has to be a way of life, and not used just as a parachute for personal emergencies.

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Faith will not work if you don’t BELIEVE in it. If you live your life abiding by some set of rules or guidelines that deals with emotionalism… that you call Faith, your faith will not work at all. Why?… Because you will start to “React” to all of your circumstances, rather than hold onto the faith that is supposedly a framework for your life.

Many people base their faith on how they feel at a certain moment. But, all that will do is, either put you on an emotional high… when things are good, or drain you of all your emotions… when things are not going so good in your life. Approaching faith this way can cause you to lose hope in GOD…, and then – whenever the road of life gets bumpy – you will immediately begin to question the faith that you supposedly believe in unconditionally.

There is a beautiful saying that goes something like this:

  • In all things… be PATIENT.
  • PATIENCE leads to faith…
  • FAITH leads to GOD…
  • GOD leads to RESULTS…
  • and GOD’s RESULTS lead to HAPPINESS.

Those are true words indeed. Faith depends more so, on your willingness to put your life in GOD’s hands, and in the meantime, trust in GOD’s ability to provide for you – without questioning His process.

Faith can only exist inside you. A lack of faith, likewise, only exists inside of you. No one but YOU will ever know how much faith you have or don’t have. Your level of faith cannot be determined by anyone other than yourself, and it likewise cannot be changed by anyone other than yourself.

When you live by faith, you learn to believe with your heart… and not with your head. So you have to remember that you can believe things with your heart that you can’t believe with your head. Like Romans 10:10 says, “With the heart man believeth”.

Therefore, all you have to do is “Believe with the heart”… by faith. When you do, you will be able to believe GOD, independent of “sense evidence” and intellect. This means you can believe the Word of GOD, independent of what is going on around you.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Faith Work”

    1. I totally agree, Marilyn. So instead of “Talking out of our head”… it’s best to let our speak up and talk – in faith. When faith speaks up… it can say so much through our actions, and it turn, move GOD in the process. Thank you for your comment.


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