Part 2 – Relationships 101: Knowing When And How To Move On

We live in a world where we can freely dream… and fulfill dreams. Yet, the real world is not a dream world, and life is not a daydream… where we get to have everything custom-fit, according to the way we like it – perfectly.” – Pat Williamson

Life is what we make it! We become involved with different people at – different – critical points of our life…, they mattered for a period of time, when we needed them, when we were still developing into our true selves, and finding our identity. We learned something… that’s for sure. But we outgrew them, and realized a higher calling, a calling closer to who we were meant to be – and who GOD wanted us to be with.

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When you’re in a relationship that ends… the immediacy of the pain SHOULD go away after some time has passed. If it hasn’t, there’s something there that you are still holding on to… that you shouldn’t be. If you stay stuck right there… it could cause trouble, one or two ways. You will either want to go back (BACKWARDS)… or you will place your life in a holding cell, frozen in time and afraid to move forward – simply because you think you might luck up on a chance to rekindle a fire where there is no flame. Hey, but guess what! The past IS WHAT IT IS! It never provides that picturesque dream you’re longing for – that’s swirling around in your mind…, which is causing you to miss out on life – in a beautiful future.

In fact, instead of moving on… many people carry love in their heart for one person, sometimes for 10, 15 or 20 years – never realizing they were not with the “Right Wrong Person”… but the Wrong-Wrong Person. It’s a state of prolonged sadness and heartache where they go through phases of mental anguish, wishing for passion and friendship, but only getting nostalgia. So they beat themselves up – and this gets repeated several times over – through the years. And for what? A relationship that has already died.

Don’t get stuck. Roll with the change. You’ll be better for it… you’ll be happier for it – in the end. Never give someone else your power. Relationships are great; but what good are they, if you are living to please someone else. The other person has moved on, basically because they cared nothing at all about your happiness. But you’re stuck… waiting and hoping for another chance. That’s called “NEEDY”… a form of human worship. And that makes GOD jealous… because that’s the kind of worship GOD wants you to give Him. Hmmm.

But people change, and actually… you can and should too. When you meet new people – The “Right Wrong Person” – with whom you connect, romantically or otherwise, your life… your universe… everything will shift a little bit. You will also gain new perspectives on life. At that point, that ‘EPIC’ love that you were so convinced would cycle through your life and your heart forever – that you couldn’t seem to live without – will no longer feel so significant. You will see that “It was what it was!” You learned from it. You know yourself better… even through the hurt and pain, now you’re ready for real love. A love that’s deeper and more real than anything your past had to offer you.

Always look forward, and keep your present thoughts for what is serving you now. Your life can never go backwards. There’s beauty and happiness… and joy in moving forward. You can be happy. So much so, that you will be overly excited each day, about what each day can bring.

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