LOVE: GOD Wants Us To Share It… “On Earth, As It is In Heaven”

TOMORROW, is just another TODAY… but in a different time. So, you must never procrastinate… or put off things that can be done today, until later. Because TOMORROW, TODAY will be here yet again, then the next day… and the next. All of us are here to enjoy life. Not only that… we are here to help others around us enjoy the best quality of life possible, as well. Therefore, we must learn to live, love and laugh – and learn to help others along the path of life to do the same.

 Portrait of a large group of a Mixed Age people smiling and embracing together.  [url=][img][/img][/url]

One thing about YESTERDAY… it’s never home – it’s always gone. You can’t depend on it. And you can’t depend on TOMORROW… because it might never show up. All you have is TODAY. So even if the cycle (Tomorrow, Today) keeps repeating itself… don’t let the cycle catch you Procrastinating – when you could be doing something beneficial to make the world a better place. All of us on earth are Sisters and Brothers! No matter where we live, who we know, what we believe, where we’re trying to go, or what we’re trying to become… GOD put us all here as individuals, to test us 7 days a week – to see how we would treat each other according to His Word.

But I wonder if we make GOD cry. I wonder if, in spite of His tears, He loves us enough to give us breath day after day… so we have a chance to do better. The world only seems to get worse. “PEACE, GOOD TIDINGS, AND GOODWILL TO ALL MANKIND,” should be the thought of our heart every day of the year… and not just at Christmas time. It should never take horrific natural disasters to bring us all together to help each other without a second thought. Yet sadly, that’s now the reality of what GOD has to do to teach us to Love each other.

What’s so hard about Love, though? Why do some people prefer to hate, rather than show Love? Everyone says, “I can’t wait to go to Heaven, to be with GOD.” But, is what we see on earth now, what we have to look forward to in Heaven? No, I don’t think so! Heaven is about universal family… and not our natural family, as we know it here.

So, we must start now, we must start here, we must start today… and make an effort to live life and LOVE others – GOD’s Way. And maybe, instead of natural disasters… GOD can send Rainbows as a symbol of His smile, to show us His appreciation for the LOVE we share here on earth with each other.

The great thing about life is… GOD chose you to be – Right here, Right now. So there must be something about you… that GOD wants you here for. Whatever it is… only you know. But… EMBRACE IT with everything in you, and make the most of it! Take full advantage of your life… by loving and being helpful to others.

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