LOVE Is What Makes A Family…

Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.” – Andre Maurois

The family is…a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers us to venture with confidence into the greater world and to become all that we can be.

A happy family reading the Bible together.

It doesn’t require a sharp memory to recall those days, when my parents (Especially my Dad) must have spent sleepless nights to ensure that I felt happy and loved; that I got better when I didn’t feel well, or at ease when I was burdened with troubles. My father, who was a preacher (Yes… I’m a P.K.) walked through the house most nights checking on the entire family… to make sure all of us were as comfortable as possible. Both parents were quick to forgive me for the countless number of blunders I committed during the growing years of my life – even when I was punished for them. Yet, apart from teaching me forgive and forget lessons, they were always there for me, when I needed them the most.

My four older brothers took up the slack when my parents weren’t around. They cared for their little brother…like an army would take care of its country – especially my oldest brother Chris, whom we called by his middle name, “Norman.” I watched him like a hawk from the time I could walk…until well into my twenties. And in him, I saw everything I wanted to be – cool, intelligent, socially fit, sure of himself, and determined to be successful.

Family Values

The values and coaching passed on to me from my parents and older brothers stayed with me…and helped to guide me when it was my turn to look out for my six younger siblings. That same love and togetherness had guided me throughout my life…and continues to guide me, even now. It’s that same love which has ensured my growth and survival in society. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an understatement to claim that my family institution was the first institution where I was taught how to cope with the physical world; because, after all, we all inherit many of our qualities from our parents and our family.

Even when we migrate from one place to another, we carry our family values with us. In fact, our family is responsible for our identity. Remember, the world knows you by your actions and not by your intentions. Whatever we have learned from our family over the years serves as a basic premise for our actions in life. In fact, individuals with extended family enjoy more benefits over a person who decides to lead a solo life. “A person with a family receives an emotional edge, which often results into his success in life.”

Family – Through the Good and Bad

During hard times, everyone in the family including you benefit due to the extended relationship, especially during events such as death, accidents and so on. Also, the joy associated with success or any other happy moment magnifies when our family is around. Therefore, everyone out there is able to reap the benefits of one person’s success, whether it’s your birthday, a new business venture or any other milestone in life.

Whether your family is built through blood connections… or built through social connections – every family is different… and provides an outlet for natural, spiritual and emotional growth and maturity.

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