Develop The Creative Leader In You: Be Spontaneous

Finding the right balance in life is key to personal happiness and to being a great leader. To live a balanced lifestyle, of course, takes creativity, a conscious effort daily… and personal participation.

Happy African American business man with colleagues in a line

To be a well-rounded leader… and to live a creative life every day, you have to do creative things, every day. It doesn’t really matter what creative things you do, as long as it’s something – big or small – that will catapult you towards reaching future goals… and building towards your success.

Each day, make it a habit not to judge yourself on your creative output. Live freely… and allow yourself space to be spontaneous. Sometimes your creativity will be on fire. That’s the GOOD NEWS. Other times, it’s not. And those are the times when you just have to relax your mind. Save yourself the grief of stressing. Stressing will do nothing to help you, positively.

“Shake Your Tree”. When I was growing up, and my siblings and I had to tend the pecan orchard for my dad, we made it a habit to “Shake the tree” whenever there were not a whole lot of pecans on the ground to pick up. Even when the ground was bare, the tree was usually full. Therefore, instead of walking away and stopping for the day, one of us would climb up and “Shake the tree”. Pecans would fall in every direction. We would have pecans to pick up by the sack full – which meant a good pay day for all of us. So what I’m saying is, “Be cool”. It might get hard sometimes, but you will save yourself a lot of grief if you make it a habit to be cool when your creativity isn’t firing on all pistons.

To “Shake your tree”, find something fun to do to get you through the tough times. Doing things you love to do will inspire you to be more creative. Therefore, make time and space for having fun. All work and no play… makes for a dull a boring life.

Being creative means living a creative life. Find time for meditation and solitude. It can be very beneficial because it will give you:

  • Time to think
  • A chance to be alone, to get to know yourself
  • Time to deal with personal – inner – issues
  • Space to create
  • Space to unwind, and find peace
  • Time to reflect on what you’ve done, and learn from it
  • Isolation from outside influences, to find your own voice
  • Time to appreciate the little things in life

Expect more from yourself and your life… and you will make time to do more. Believe you are creative. Know that you are. Make it a habit… to be a better YOU.


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