Cope With Loss: But Keep Living

Losing a loved one is never easy. No matter who you are… it affects you. It makes you grieve and question GOD. You might ask, “GOD WHY. What did I do to deserve this pain?” In reality, though, it has nothing to do with you at all. Death is a part of Life.

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Like many of you, I have lost a sibling, close friends, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Somehow, though, losing my father put life into perspective. For sure… more than any other loss I have dealt with, his passing brought Death closer to my door steps – and made it more REAL than any other time in my life. It let me know that each day that passes… brings us all ONE DAY and ONE STEP closer to eternity. Therefore, it certainly makes me place my focus on GOD… and appreciate life just a little bit more.

So what should we do with this one life we have? Should it be all fun? Should it be all about the career? Should life be all about setting aside our most precious moments to experience the ultimate vacation? Should it be so carefree that we never seriously consider the Hereafter – Life beyond death – and what that might be like? Whatever the answers are to these questions… the choices are personal for each individual.

Remember, though, that as long as you are alive… LIFE will never stop! However, life does not last forever. Man made things get old and deteriorate. Loved ones pass away. One day you may look around, and it might seem as if everything and everyone around you have changed… and for whatever reason, you are not ready for it. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that… there’s no way you can stop the changes from happening. So you think to yourself, “If I just had a little more time beforehand, even a little advance notice, I would have been more prepared.

But life doesn’t work that way. LIFE comes at you fast… and some days you just aren’t prepared for all the changes that are dropped into your lap – for you to deal with. LIFE is not like TV… where you can pick up the remote and press pause, change the channel to a more favorable show… or start the show over again. LIFE keeps on going – and going – and going. Still, there is hope. Not every day will be easy. And though each new day of LIFE brings change… it’s good to know that:

  • Change brings Opportunity.
  • Change brings Growth.
  • Change brings Hope.
  • Change can bring you closer to GOD.

Face the future. Just don’t waste this one life you have… ignoring GOD – and then expect good things from Him at the end. Consider what the Bible says. Read it for yourself. Read for understanding. Don’t just take someone else’s word for truth. Desire… and find truth for yourself. Because after this life… there’s another episode.

Each day, ask GOD, “LORD,” Please “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” And continue to trust GOD.

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