Life… Is A Faith Walk

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” But each step must be taken by faith. Applying faith to your life can take you from being average… to being a person of EXCELLENCE. And starting today, you have this incredible opportunity to have an amazing life. But be careful that you don’t mess things up by having the wrong attitude about life, because it can work the opposite effect of having faith.

Summer da

Faith is important because it affects everything you think, say and do. When you apply faith to your life… it puts you at a spiritual advantage to overcome anything naturally. Having a good measure of faith… and using it properly, are the only ways:

  • You are able to stand
  • You are able to live
  • You are able to love.
  • You can fully enjoy life

The most important thing you can do as a child of GOD is learn how to understand, possess and walk in complete faith.

In his book, Combat Faith, Hal Lindsey describes a few of the Scriptural promises that come to us through faith:

We are born into eternal life through faith; we are declared righteous before GOD by faith; we are forgiven by faith; we are healed by faith; we understand the mysteries of creation by faith; we learn GOD’s Word by faith; by faith we understand things to come; we walk by faith and not by sight; we overcome the world by faith; we enter GOD’s rest by faith; and we are controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit by faith.”

With GOD, “All things are possible” – But only by faith. And, to find the true magic of life… you don’t have to close your eyes – cross your fingers – and make three wishes. All you have to do is open your spiritual eyes, trust GOD by faith…, and know that good things can happen for you – if you only believe.

Words of Advice

Never quit! It’s the enemy’s job to make you feel small, fearful… and less than nothing. Keep your attention on GOD. Stay focused! Forget about what has happened to you in the past… forget about what you think is happening to you now; and focus on what can happen for you going forward. Your life…depending on how you view it… can either be SPECTACULAR or dull and boring. Have Faith… because your attitude and approach to life is what determines how the events of ‘Your World’ will unfold.

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