Why GOD Wants Top Priority In Your Life

Prioritize! First things first… Trust GOD! But, trusting GOD… and doing His will, might seem like doing “The impossible” for some people… but it’s not. If you take a step in the direction of GOD… and another step, and another, you will be surprised to know how far you can go in life… from the point where you thought you were at the end of the road – of life. Yet, GOD’s desires… and what GOD loves, should all be at the center of what you are and desire to be in life. Then, all of the other things – Dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations – will find their position as a result.

iStock_000005092097Small (550x366)

I know it may be hard to interpret for some… but your life matters much to GOD. Every day, GOD makes it His primary business to get your attention – so you can see the truth about life. And the truth is this… you need GOD.

GOD – is the missing piece to life’s puzzle. You can find value, joy and happiness in life – by connecting with, and trusting GOD. Life is more than living a good life… it’s about relationship with GOD.

Yet, some people say, “I witness for Christ by living a good life.” But it is not enough to live a good life. Many non-Christians live fine, moral, ethical lives. According to the Word of GOD… the only way to demonstrate that you are truly following Him is to produce fruit, which includes introducing others to GOD.. And the only way you can produce fruit for GOD… is by seeking GOD Himself.

GOD loves everyone! He loves those who hate Him… He loves those who say, “GOD does not exist”… He loves those who love Him… and He loves those who say they love Him, but don’t do anything to prove their love. Still, GOD wants to be chased. And the only way to chase Him… is by seeking Him first, and then doing His will. Therefore, it’s important each day how:

  • You behave
  • You think and speak
  • You let things into your thoughts through your eyes and ears
  • You perform deeds of kindness for others
  • You treat people you know… and strangers

God honors people who honor Him as their top priority. So, let GOD – Jesus Christ – be at the forefront of your thoughts… and the guide of your heart. He’ll put everything else in your life into place. And, success will follow. That’s GOD’s promise.

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