6 Ways To “LIVE”… Every Moment Of Your Life

No one else can ever make your choices for you. Your choices are yours alone. They are as much a part of you as every breath you will take, every moment of your life.” ~ Dr. Shad Helmstetter


In life, you get the option of CHOOSING. Basically, you have two choices: #1 Step up… or #2 Sit down. In a sense, there are many ways to get to where you want to go, but you only get one ride. Choose wisely, because if you decide to “Joy ride” through life by sleeping through it, you will be dropped off in no man’s land. And, your opportunity to become someone special… will be lost forever. So why not appreciate life a bit… before you end up regretting every previous choice you’ve ever made.

  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Work hard… and then play hard
  3. Love unconditionally
  4. Be positive, and be helpful
  5. Have faith in GOD
  6. Find the humor and the magic of life that exists all around you.

… because if you don’t, you can always watch those around you doing it instead. You can watch them succeed and achieve the dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve – and they will be happy doing so. You can suffer and hate them for what seems like good fortune, when more often than not, it’s a series of choices paying dividends! Remember, you could be doing the same.

You may think that in life, a lot of things happen to you along the way. The truth is, in life, you happen to a lot of things along the way.” ~ D.S.H.

Life, right now, is offering you its best. Take advantage of the opportunity. Because, guess what, if you are 20 something now… tomorrow you’ll be 30!… and then 40! What memories do you want to have of your 20’s and 30’s? Do you want to say you did nothing in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s because you didn’t feel good about yourself or about life?

Don’t waste your life. Once the past days are gone, they are gone forever. Enjoy your teens, your 20’s, your 30’s, 40’s… and so on. Learn something new and interesting. Go back to school. Start a new and meaningful career, try entrepreneurship… take good vacations. Do all the things now… that you might regret not doing, later on in life.


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