6 Ways To Find New Experiences And Opportunity In Life

Life is a faith walk. Young or old, you have to learn how to become comfortable with change, so it won’t be scary. Then, you can find joy in it. However, it’s when you don’t embrace change, that life can really become scary.

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Adventurous people seek new experiences, because they know they’ll be fine, and they know how amazing life can be once they come across something new. In many ways, being “Adventurous” is much different from being an “Adventure-seeker”. “Adventure-seekers” turn excitement into their form of comfort. But when the excitement is taken away, then they feel the pain and loss of this change.

So if you are wondering, “How do I learn to embrace and get good at change,” Here are some suggestions that might help you get a good start:

  1. Try something new, but small and safe. New things can be scary. But if it’s something small, it’s not as scary. There’s no real risk of getting hurt. And the more you try things, in small, non-scary steps, the more confidence you’ll gain that new things are not painful.
  2. When you mess up, don’t see it as painful failure. When you’re doing new things, there will be times when you make mistakes, mess up, “fail”. But these words are associated with negative things, like pain. Instead, start to look at mistakes and “messing up” as something positive — it’s the only way to learn. Messing up is a way to get better at something, to grow, to get stronger.
  3. See the wonder and opportunity in change. Change might mean leaving a comfort zone, and losing something you love, but there’s much more. It can also bring something new and amazing like a new opportunity to explore and learn, meet new people and reinvent yourself.
  4. Ask “what’s the worst-case scenario”? If you’re exposing yourself, getting out of your comfortable environment, leaving behind security … it can be scary, but when you think about what is the worst thing that is likely to happen, usually it’s not that bad. If you lost all your possessions today in a disaster, how bad would that be? How would you cope? What opportunities would there be? What new things could you invent from this blank slate?
  5. Develop a change toolset. Learn how to cope with changes, no matter what they are. Have a fall-back plan if things collapse. Have friends and family you can call on. Develop some skills where you can get a job or start a new business no matter what happens with your current job or the economy. Learn ways of making friends with strangers, finding your way around a strange city, surviving on little. With a toolset like this, you can feel confident that you can handle just about anything that happens.
  6. Experience the joy in the unknown. When something new happens, when you don’t know — you often see this as bad. But can you re-frame it so that it’s something joyful? Not knowing means we are free — the possibilities are limitless. We can invent a new path, a new identity, a new existence. This can be joyful.

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