HAPPINESS: You Already Have It. How To Discover It

HAPPINESS begins with YOU. Whenever you decide to set out on the journey to find happiness in life, you will find that it is a profound journey of discovery, which is a true assessment of who you really are as an individual.

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When I set out to become happy, I wanted to change my life. I had an ideal life that I wanted to create, and I thought if I created that life, I would be happy. Problem is, I first had to learn to distinguish between reality, and fantasy – and seek happiness in GOD.

Daydreaming, in its true sense… is all a fantasy. We all do it: we fantasize all the time about the ideal job, home, car, computer, clothes, travel, furniture, TV… EVERYTHING. If we have these ideal things, this perfect fantasy, we’ll be happy, right?

Well, no. Because first, the fantasy can’t ever come true. We can believe we’re making it come true, but the reality will never match up with the fantasy. We can spend time thinking…. Hmmm, if I can just:

  • Get out of debt
  • Lose weight
  • Find a better job or better career
  • Move to a better city
  • Get into shape
  • Become more productive…

… My life will get better. Well, you can do all those things and much more. Probably, it will feel great and could very well change your life… and make you happy for a while. However, doing those things will not bring you the internal happiness you are seeking.

Actually, you will learn that you already have all you need for happiness, but it’s probably buried beneath your insecurities, and your discontent with life. You already have it, but it might need to be uncovered.

So that’s what Happiness really is. It’s the uncovering of what you already have.

You have all you need for happiness, right now. You don’t need to change anything about yourself, or your life. You just need to see what’s already there. Then, improve on it.

How To Find Happiness in What You Already Have

So what does make you happy? What do you need for happiness?

You can strive for happiness in external things all you like: house, job, car, a loving partner, food, drugs, shopping. But these don’t make you happy, at least not for long, and when they don’t give you continual happiness then you have to keep striving for more, and your happiness is always subject to the whim of these external things and people.

You can also find happiness within. You can learn that you have some amazing things inside you…, that they are beautiful if you learn to accept them for what they are — and not try to meet up with any fantasy. You can learn that life is always amazing, as it is, without the fantasies. And because the happiness is within, you aren’t subject to losing it because people aren’t in the right mood, or because of external events changing your source of happiness.

This means stripping away the fantasies, one by one. It means looking within, and learning to be OK with what you find.

It’s not an overnight process, but the amazingness is already within you.



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