Make Strategic Moves… Not Excuses

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Find the courage to make the most of life. Success Requires a “No-excuse attitude. Whenever you have a setback in life – or in business – it’s your CHOICE as to how you let it affect you. You can do one of two things: You can either let it knock you down for good… or you can use it as motivation to push you to keep moving towards your dreams – or achieving your goals. However, you should never think you don’t have the ability to choose. You always have a say in how you handle what affects your life.


Whatever you do, never make excuses. Accept responsibility for your mistakes or failures and admit them without trying to excuse them. We all make mistakes! Excuses will only leave you stuck in place. Therefore, they hurt you far more than they help. You also have to remember that, just because something bad has happened to you… it’s not always your fault – it’s a part of life.

  • You can have the best idea
  • The best plan
  • The best intentions
  • The greatest strategy laid out

None of that matters. Everything can still be turned upside down at a moment’s notice because of an unforeseeable event. Your ability to be successful in life does not depend on being able to create and execute “the plan”. It depends on you being able to adapt and change to make the best of the hand you’re dealt.

Your situation does not determine your outcome. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money or education; or if you had a bad upbringing. Whatever your excuse might be, no past or current situation defines your future. Your attitude about whether to “take” the situation as an excuse or take the responsibility to succeed in spite of… is what will determine what the outcome will be for the future.

I don’t know of anyone who has ever taken “the leap of faith” with a guarantee of how it will all turn out. What most successful people have in common is not the secret to success, but rather the willingness to fail – and fail miserably. Therefore, you have to be willing to risk everything, in order to achieve what you want most… and make strategic moves while doing so.


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