Real Talk… About Life

We cannot waste time. We can only waste ourselves.” ~ George M. Adams

In life… there’s really nothing to fear! GOD provides… and He protects us. Every day is a new life. That’s why, none of us can live in the past… or change it, and we can’t live in the future… or predict it. But, we have to live now… in this moment in time, where we can make a real difference in our lives going forward. Now – is all we have.

Father daughter

Success is not the result of making money… making money is the result of success. We have to be of service first, before we ever receive the payoff for the work we do. And, before we can become successful… we have to act the part of the successful person we decide to become.

~ If we trust GOD, we can succeed in overcoming our fears of loneliness, worry and doubt. ~

We cannot allow the enemy to play tricks on our minds. And, we can’t let him play games with us. Things are not as bad as they appear. Yet, the enemy wants us to think they are. In fact, he wants us to dream of some magical rose garden somewhere above the horizon… instead of enjoying the roses that have already bloomed outside our windows today.

For the average person, the procession through life is rather strange. What I mean is this; most children say “When I’m bigger I will” [do this or that]] Then when they get bigger, they say “When I grow up then I will” [do this or that]. After that, they say “When I get married I will” [do this or that]. And from there it turns to, “When I’m able to retire I will” [do this or that]. And when retirement finally comes… they look back on their lives and a cold wind suddenly seems to sweep over them. At that moment, they finally begin to realize how much of their life that has been missed by – running the rat race – and simply striving to get to the next point instead of enjoying the moment they were in. Don’t let that be you!

Set your goals, but enjoy life now! Enjoy the time where you are presently… because you’ll never get it back again. LIFE… is in the living – in the action of every day and hour.

FACE THE WORST! Believe me… you can make it through it. Never allow negative situations to stop you from reaching your goals… or from succeeding.


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