11 Ways To Have A Good Year in 2014

In this New Year 2014, start strong… and finish strong. Keep the spark in your inner spirit, and you will ignite the fires of hope, action and commitment. On your list of resolutions, add to it… that you will perform at the best of your abilities.


When you’re MOTIVATED, your vision is clearer, and you will have more of a precise knowledge of what you want to do, and a strong desire and faith in your own abilities.

In the presence of MOTIVATION… there is always joy, happiness and determination. And, one of the greatest lessons MOTIVATION can give us as we travel along life’s journey is: If we want to be happy, we can be. If we want to be successful, we can be. If we want to be full of life, we can be. We can be and feel any way we want to, because we make our own choices in life. Each day, GOD gives us a toolbox filled with all the tools necessary to create a life of harmony and joy for ourselves and others around us.

But, you say, “How do I get motivated?” Well, it starts with FAITH in GOD. Then you should make sure you continue by:

1. Developing reasonable goals.

2. Create a list of reasons why it’s important to you to reach your goals

3. Whenever you’re tempted to think negative… review your goals list.

4. Avoid behaviors that would steer you away from your goals.

5. Set up a plan to be accountable (to yourself or to another person or group).

6. Respond positively to sabotaging thoughts.

7. Identify obstacles and problems; and try to solve them in advance.

8. Prepare for feelings of discouragement, disappointment and deprivation.

9. Decide on how you will reward yourself as you reach each goal.

10. Focus on the experiences you deem “worth it.”

11. Get back to basics when you get off track.

Talk to yourself! Keep reminding your mind and body how much of a winner you are. Tell yourself… “You’re Worth It!” Believe fully, that you will accomplish your goals no matter what it takes. Nobody can stop you. Instead of putting yourself down for every little test life gives you, consider it a nice challenge to conquer… to triumph over. You are the best you can be… so BE It! Let the world know you really have something very special to offer.

DO AWAY with procrastination! You could be achieving your dreams right now… if you stop waiting for the perfect day. There is no perfect day!

No matter how well you think you’re doing, there will always some obstacles to confront. Why do they get in between you and the finish line? So that you can look up, learn from them, and proceed with a new level of strength like never before. Go on… show everyone what you’re really made of. Make yourself proud. Happy New Year!!!!!

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