You Can Never Become GREAT, Until You Learn To Identify With GOD

Life is all about being of service and helping other people. In many ways, your life is only useful and helpful to others… when you learn to identify it with GOD. You can live for self and yet do many pleasant things for others; but your life can never become the great blessing to the world it is meant to be, until the law of self-sacrifice becomes your heart’s principle.

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According to GOD’s Word… spiritually, we can make the most of our life by losing it.  He says that losing the life for His sake is saving it. There is a lower self that must be trampled down and trampled to death by the higher self.  In so many words… The alabaster vase must be broken, that the ointment may flow out to fill the house.  The grapes must be crushed, that there may be wine to drink.  The wheat must be bruised, before it can become bread to feed the hungry.

Consider this example: A great oak tree stands in the forest.  It is beautiful in its majesty; it is attractive; it casts a pleasant shade.  Under its branches, the children play, among its boughs the birds sing.  Then one day the woodman comes with his axe, and the tree quivers in all its branches, under his sturdy blows.  “I am being destroyed,” it cries.  So it seems, as the great tree crashes down to the ground.  And the children are sad because they can’t play beneath its broad branches anymore; the birds grieve because they can’t nest amid the summer foliage of the great tree.

But hold on… don’t shed any tears for the tree just yet. Let’s follow the tree’s history from the point where it was chopped down.  It is cut into boards, and built into a beautiful home, where human hearts find their happy nest.  Or it is used in making a great organ which leads the worship of a great congregation.  So really, the losing of its life was the saving of it.  It died that it might become deeply, truly useful.

Furthermore, the plates, cups, dishes, and vases, which we use in our homes and on our tables, once lay as common clay in the earth, quiet and restful, but in no way doing good, serving man.  Then came men with picks, and the clay was rudely torn out and plunged into a mortar and beaten and ground in a mill, then pressed, and then put into a furnace, and burned and burned, at last coming forth in beauty, and beginning its history of usefulness.  It was apparently destroyed that it might begin to be of service.

Can you see yourself in these examples? The Christian life is about service – and unselfish charity. It’s about more than personal gain. “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” ~ Luke 17:33 (KJV)

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