What You Think Of YOU… Is Your True IDENTITY

If you have not fully defined who you are at this point in your life, it’s your responsibility to take the necessary time and steps to discover who you are, and most importantly, be reminded that no matter where you may find yourself today, it’s not too late to start the journey into discovery. You owe it to yourself to make the journey of ‘Destiny’ fulfilling… and really go after self-discovery.

identity-istock_000019343520small-copy (550x364)

Who are you? Beyond all the ‘White noise’ that surrounds you, who do you think you are. Based on your own opinion… not what other people think of you.

Does your job define you?

Do your friends define you?

Does where you live define who you are?

Does status in society define you?

If you lost any of those things… would your life still have the same meaning, or would you lose your identity?

Right now, even if you’re having one of those moments of being confused and stuck in a rut… there’s still hope for you. Even if you feel as if you haven’t achieved anything great in your life, or if you’re not at peace… and you feel there’s no way of moving forward to doing something meaningful – you have a unique opportunity to be successful, just because you have breath and strength. Therefore, you have the same opportunity as anyone else would have to be someone GREAT!

Don’t ever become frustrated because you thought by now, your life would be clearer… but it seems to be foggier than ever. Or, if all your dreams and plans seem to fail and you’re tired from trying. If you knew what you were created for… you would stop spinning your ‘wheel of fortune’ and realize you are already a part of GREATNESS, and begin to improve on building upon your purpose.

Keep your mind open and treat your life as a natural and spiritual adventure. You are a strong person… Everything will happen in time. So what if you think you’re past the age of success… or if you feel like your dreams have bypassed you; just take a deep breath… FOCUS, SMILE & EMBRACE the change that is YOU.

The hardest part of finding your identity is looking inside your inner person, especially when you’ve lost yourself in the past… and now you have no idea where to begin. Take life one day at a time! We each must follow our own path. For some, the path requires us to take a few steps. For some, it may require us to climb a mountain full of rocks and stones. As you stay on the path, you will gather many life lessons. Seize the lessons and prepare to use them as you embark on the next journey. We are all in the process of becoming someone GREAT.  And if you work hard and have a little patience, you will know when you have arrived.


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