Tips On How To Be More Confident


Each morning…the personal challenge to define who you are begins the moment you open your eyes. To be intentional, the question you have to ask yourself as you arise from sleep is this: “What’s special and unique about me?” Whatever it is… and however you define ‘You’ is important. In every case, though, never let anyone else define you, or believe in you more than you do yourself.

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If you don’t value what you have to offer to the world…no one else will either. And, if for some reason you have relinquished control of yourself and, unknowingly, have given it to someone else –STOP RIGHT HERE! Don’t waste another moment. TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!  Don’t be afraid to take control of what’s rightfully yours. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Therefore, you must use all of those tools and more to define your own life.

Like many people, I often struggled terribly with confidence issues as I was growing up. At times, I found myself desperately searching for new ideas of how to build self confidence. After many failed attempts and many frustrating moments, I learned something very important. The only way to achieve any kind of personal growth is through personally challenging myself to have faith in GOD. When I learned that, I no longer depended on the compliments or the applause of other people to define me, or to make me happy.

Sometimes, though, the best people you can cross paths with are the ones who disagree with you. Here’s why?

Because they challenge you.

They push you to define your position.

They influence you to be more confident by standing up for yourself.

They hit you with all the angles you need to form a rock solid opinion of your own.

They force you to have a voice.

And sometimes, having that run-in with someone who disagrees with you is exactly what it takes for you to find your voice. Now, I’m not suggesting that you seek out all your angry opposers, but know that eventually you may face adversity; however, you will be able to look forward to approaching it with an open mind.

Take The Next Step

Now, is the time for you to take that next step. Now is the time for you to face your fear. Now is the time for you to challenge yourself, to help you cultivate your personal growth. This personal growth will be the power that you take from your fear… and will help you advance to greater heights than you could have ever imagined.

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