6 Tips To Help You Value Who You Are

There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself. ~ Henry David Thoreau


DREAMS really do come true. Therefore, it is important that you understand what you have to offer to life – to make your life, and the lives of others better. Value it! Value who you are… right where you are, at this moment in your life. Value every experience. Most importantly, never allow anyone else to place more value on your life than you do. It’s a matter of respect.

Respect GOD

Respect Others

Respect Yourself

Respect Your Gifts

Respect Your Dreams

YOU only get one life. Time passes quickly, and it won’t wait until you get it together. So, this one life you have… LIVE IT WELL!

Be ‘CHOOSY’ and Strategic about your life. Make Good Choices. And make sure you are the one that has the “The Most Say-So” about the decisions which affect your life the most. Life brings changes every day. Therefore, try these 6 things to help you value yourself and your life just a little more:

1. Allow yourself room to grow…

2. Allow yourself room to improve…

3. Allow yourself room to become wiser…

4. Forgive yourself…

5. Know how to move on from the past…

6. Follow GOD…

Accept advice… but let your greatest advice come from ABOVE from your Help – in The LORD!

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