10 Reasons To Put Your Faith In GOD

In the natural sense, life is never predictable. However, one thing you can rest assure that is most predictable about life is… there will be change. Everyone loves blue skies, sunshine and rainbows… but those things are not possible without first having to go through storms and rain. When change does happen in your life… and you can’t seem to make heads or tails of it – or if you don’t seem to understand it at all – you can turn to the ONE who knows it all… and who also controls change.


GOD – the Creator of the world – is everything to everyone. He has always existed in the same way: fully and completely as GOD. And though it’s impossible for us to understand everything… it’s good to know, GOD does. GOD knew the end of all things, from the very beginning. Therefore, you have to prepare everyday to face the unknown… with faith in GOD. You never have to face the “Great Unknown” all by yourself, though, because GOD will always stand by you. 10 reasons why you can put your faith in GOD, is because He is:

1. Eternal

2. Holy

3. Unchanging

4. All-powerful

5. Everywhere… present

6. All-knowing

7. Self-existent

8. Self-sufficient

9. Love

10. Merciful

Life changes… Things in life change… and people in life change – but God Will Never Change. So by faith, you have to learn to depend on GOD for everything – and never try to take the matters of life into our own hands. Because the eye of faith sees and perceives the unseen realities of life. And whenever you “walk by faith,” you can better understand GOD’s spiritual kingdom… and how faith gives life its direction. Let the words comfort you:

Life is hard but God PROVIDES…

Life is unpredictable but God GUIDES…

Life is unfair but God CARES…

Life is a challenge but God WATCHES…

In order to move GOD… you have to respond to life, by responding to GOD. Daily, GOD Himself awaits your response to His Presence. And when you do respond… an eternal world of happiness will come alive to you. No matter what has happened to you in life… or what is happening now, GOD can make a happy difference. The moment you begin to believe in GOD’s ability and in His reality – and trust GOD with your future… is the moment your life will never be the same – because He will change it forever.


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