Holding On – By Faith

Faith… is somewhat of a spiritual adventure. But in many ways, faith doesn’t make sense to some people… and it has an apparent ridiculousness about it. Yet faith does not have to make sense. And for those people who search to find the normalcy of faith before they apply it to their lives… they will never find it with that mindset. Anyone who is doing what everyone else around them is doing… does not act by faith. Faith always appears to defy the circumstances. It constitutes a risk and a venture… and it puts GOD in control. In the unknown, FAITH sees clearly… because the unknown, is a vulnerable point. But, that’s where GOD works best… in your deepest state of vulnerability.

Rich vegetation overhangs the entrance to Cow Pot in the Yorkshire Dales, UK

Faith has ‘BIG EYES’! It sees, and creates, what does not yet exist – outside of what your five senses can perceive. And where ‘Luck’ fails… faith prevails. Faith has the power and ability to bring every great thought, every great idea and every great dream you’ve dreamed… to reality. But faith comes with stipulations. To develop “20/20 Faith Vision” and to make it work in your life… you have to TRUST GOD, first. Plain and simple. That’s the only way you can have access to the finer things – or rather the choicest things – in life.


• GOD doesn’t love me

• Nobody cares about me

• I won’t ever amount to anything

• I’m not good enough

• I’ll never find someone to love me for me

• I don’t deserve better than what I have

These things are simply not true. “All things are possible” – But only by faith. And, to find the true magic of life… you don’t have to close your eyes – cross your fingers – and make three wishes. All you have to do is open your spiritual eyes and trust GOD by faith… and know that good things can happen for you – if you only believe.

The Apostle Paul defines faith as “Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” ~ (Hebrews 11:1). Therefore, a life of trust is virtually – and literally – open to all of GOD’s children if only they would learn to endure when trials come, instead of giving up. It’s important to always hold a positive expectation that what you want can happen. You simply have to make the choice to discipline your mind and apply faith to the things in your life that seem most impossible. When you do, GOD will use faith to: open your spiritual eyes, to open your spiritual ears and to broaden your spiritual mindset.

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