Does It Feel Like GOD Is Hiding?

Sometimes when it seems as if GOD is not listening to you… truth is, He is listening. Keep trusting GOD – even when you feel like you’re being punished by GOD, and because of that, He has put you in “Time-Out”… for some things you’ve done in the past. Don’t bother worrying about those things… especially if you asked GOD for forgiveness. He heard you… and He’s not holding those things against you.

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LIFE in many ways; is all about how you look at things. Sometimes, too, the problem is the way you are looking at GOD… or searching for Him. A lot of times… people want GOD to show up in their way, and they want to see something big and amazing. But when that doesn’t happen, they end up disappointed with GOD. However, GOD shows up in the little things, everyday.  

God is Holy and full of glory. GOD wants to be sought after. And when you know how to look and where to look… it will become obvious how to find GOD. GOD knows if He reveals Himself too much, and too easy to you… it will take away the freedom He has given you to make morally-significant decisions, including responding to His self-revelation to you. So, GOD stays somewhat hidden, not to actually hide from you or me… or anyone else – but so that He can give us space to either:

1. Respond to Him

2. Reach out to Him

3. Deny Him

4. Rest in Him

5. Avoid Him… and choose worldly alternatives for hope

Either way… people fail to see GOD because they do not know where to find Him. But if you know where to look, you will find GOD everywhere. One thing you have to realize, though, is that GOD cannot be found in all the noise and busyness in our lives. Therefore, you have to find time to get in a quiet place and seek GOD. GOD is the friend of silence. Notice how nature – trees, flowers, grass, etc. – all grow in silence. Even the stars, the moon and the sun… they all move in silence – yet they are beautiful, and well arrayed. So in the same way, you have to have moments of silence in your life to be able to reach out and touch GOD – so He will notice you when you need Him.

GOD’s voice, in many ways, is a still small voice – which nudges us daily in one way or another. So each day, it’s more of a question – not of how to hear GOD’s voice, but will we hear Him? Because surely, He’s not hiding – He just wants us to find Him.  

“They with eyes and a truly willing heart to see…….. Will see. They with ears and a truly willing heart to hear…….. Will hear.”

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