In Leadership, Timing Is Everything

“To everything, there is a time and a season.” And, I’ve learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything, at least not all at the same time. So we have to think of each of our priorities – not in terms of what things we’re involved in… or what activities we do, but – by when we do them.

Relay 800x800 (550x431)

Timing is everything. You’ve likely heard that said many times before, but a clear explanation of why, is rarely given. And since timing is so important, you have to identify the right timing so you will know when to say when… and take advantage of it – as a leader.

It doesn’t matter if you lead on the international, national, regional, local level… or home front – leadership is the same regardless. Whether you are:

The Leader (CEO) of your family

The Leader of a church

The Leader of a small business

The Leader of a large organization

The Leader or Coach of a sports team…

… You still have to have Vision and understand how to get feedback from those you lead in order to make timely decisions.


Helps you develop and communicate long-term plans and short-term goals, milestones, strategies and tasks.


The timing of communicating feedback is an important factor when it comes to being a good leader. When someone you lead makes a good choice or executes a something successfully, it will give you an opening to offer praise. However, after a mistake or poor decision, you also must be able to deliver corrective feedback.  

Leadership is about continuous exchanges in communication. But the proper communication has to be done at the right time. Therefore, timing is critical for good leaders. If you’ve ever watched the runners on a relay team in track and field, I’m sure you noticed how each runner – right before passing off or accepting the baton – has their timing perfectly down to a science. One wrong move… and all is lost. One step taken too quickly, and the rhythm for the team is thrown off. If the runner who is handing off the baton slows down too early, it will put a strain on the next runner.

All of these scenarios can be applied to leadership. The reason is, leaders affect the morale and success of the people they lead in the same way each runner on a relay team does… simply by the way they communicate. So good leaders know how to assess every situation and strategically time their actions – based on the situation at hand.

Remember, when it comes to time… there’s never a perfect time, but there’s always good timing.

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