If You Do These 7 Things, You’re A Great Leader

Times have changed. The things we do now in our modern world… would have been impossible to do a few decades ago. But all good things invented or otherwise, begin with a thought – and with good leadership. Leadership itself begins with one basic principal. And that is – confidence and the will power to succeed against any circumstance. Today more people understand… and live by the biblical principal that, “All things are possible.” In fact, that has to be the mindset of any person who is striving to be a great leader.

Successful carefree business man in a business meeting

Leaders are quality people. They have to possess so many incredible attributes to do what they do well. They have to be patient and assertive, flexible and forthright… while at the same time, be stern – yet friendly and motivational. Their ability to motivate people towards excellence can hardly be matched… when everything is working on all cylinders. Bottom line, good leaders do these 7 things well:

1. Lead by Example

2. Be Accountable to Others

3. Challenge People to Think

4. Ask Questions, Seek Counsel

5. Use patience when making decisions

6. Keep positive Energy & a positive attitude

7. Show a willingness to teach and help others

Most business decisions are common sense and instinctive, without question. But how do you explain why some people are able to achieve things that seem impossible… while others can’t seem to get anything of value… or anything that matters, off the ground? It all goes back to the same basic principle of trusting in GOD’s word.

Once trust in GOD has been established, then willpower must come into play. It’s the second step – but a very important step – on the journey towards achievement. But “Willpower isn’t an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.” Every time you accomplish something, either consciously or unconsciously, you use the principle of the Will. You can will to do anything, and therefore the way you use your will can make a big difference in your life. Every person possesses some will power. Great leaders; however, have to possess will power on a higher scale – in various skill levels.

Imagine the impact on love and happiness in the world around us if more leaders operated this way. Most leaders simply don’t trust themselves… so it’s hard for them to trust anything outside themselves, namely GOD. But when it comes to true leadership, there’s no time for over thinking things, or second-guessing. Rather, it’s good to be confident – and act. “Just Do It.”

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