Why Your Power, Is Your Choice

You have the power to make your own choices. But the voice in your head is persuasive and noisy. Regularly, it tells you, “It’s okay! Go ahead and relax a little while longer. You have time. You don’t have to do it now.” But, it’s not the true voice of reason… and you shouldn’t be listening to anything it says, because it takes away your power to choose. Make your own choices. You don’t have to agree with a polite enemy. Any choice you make should come from the voice of Faith – which will never lead you wrong.


Choosing is not always easy. And the critical part about choosing is… you must endure the suffering from either one of two pains: the PAIN of DISCIPLINE or the PAIN of REGRET. The difference between the two is: “The price of discipline is always cheaper than the pain of regret.”

The Pain of Discipline:

  • ·         Requires that you Trust GOD, now.  
  • ·         Asks you to write out your Dreams, now.  
  • ·         Encourages you to fight to do your best, now.
  • ·         Wants you to follow a strict pattern, now.    
  • ·         Pushes you to work hard to make an impact, now.

On the other hand, the Pain of Regret looks back and says, I wish:

  • ·         I would’ve cared less about what others think.
  • ·         I would’ve spent less time worrying… and more time praying.
  • ·         I would’ve spent less time wondering… and more time working.
  • ·         I wouldn’t have doubted GOD so much… and had more Faith.

GOD has placed everything you need inside you, in order for you to be complete. But the choice to be complete is up to you. Completion requires that you listen to the true VOICE of reason… which is GOD’s voice. Each day, it urges you – even nudges you to – do what you have to do, NOW… so you won’t have to WISH you had, later. Every day: Pray, Work Harder, Strive Harder, Be More, Do More… your happiness and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life… is totally up to YOU! But choose wisely.

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