7 Things Which Make Life Worth Living

“GOD made everything beautiful.” He’s the ultimate expert at putting together beautiful things… because He is the Creator of All Things. In every stage of life, you should allow GOD to have total freedom to work in your life according to his plan and purpose – because He wants to make your life beautiful as well. When GOD is given the permission and the time He needs to complete the work He wants to accomplish in your life… He is able to do great things for you that make life totally worth living.

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com

There are some things in life You Just Can’t Live Without. It’s how GOD made it. And, there are some things You Can’t Have Life Without. Surely, GOD freely provides natural things in life all of us need to survive. But the spiritual things, although free, we have to desire those things… and choose them through our own “Free will” – though we need those things as much as we do the natural things. When it comes to natural needs like:

Good Health







… All of those things are good and necessary for the daily survival in our natural lives. In fact, there would be no survival, or very limited survival without several of the things listed above. However, there are 7 spiritual things that are just as important as the natural needs we have, that make life worth living… and which bring a higher standard of living to our lives on a daily basis. Those things are:

1. Love

2. Joy/Laughter

3. Creativity

4. Imagination

5. Family/Friendship

6. Faith

7. Holy Spirit

Material things they might make us feel better temporarily, but in the long run, they can make us feel even emptier. On the other hand, having our spiritual needs met makes us feel full inside… and that life is worthwhile because we have connection, love and meaning in our lives.

Every person desires happiness. Yet, happiness is a choice. As we grow, there are many things all of us become passionate about… which we feel will make life better for us. Regardless of how those things may differ from person to person… the passion each person has for whatever is desired, is just as important to their life, as the next person’s passion is to his or hers. Above all, knowing how to connect all of life’s passions with the passion to put GOD first in life… is beyond all things, the central thing which makes life all the more Happy and Joyful.

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