7 Ways To Love The People In Your Life

The learning process of loving others, is not always a beautiful thing. But the end result can be beautiful. So sometimes, it’s good to shut off your voice of judgment… and allow others to be who they are. That’s what giving love away really is all about. Many times, too, there’s more joy in the getting… than there is in the receiving.

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When you love someone… or when there are people you love – Spouse, friend, family, neighbors, church family, etc. – it’s good to remember, they are also trying to find their way through life… just like you are. Because of that, you have to stay calm, breathe, smile – allow the good with the bad – and learn how to love the people in your life for who they are, by being patient.

Do you want to experience all the wonderful things life has to offer you? Sounds like a rhetorical question, right? But it’s a good question… and one that should be answered very carefully. And the short answer to this question is found in the lyrics to a song by a group called ‘Commissioned’, which says…  Love Isn’t Love, Until You’ve Given It Away. That’s because loving people means believing in their potential. Love means treating people with kindness and gentleness… and at times, putting their needs before your own. Because in many ways, people want to:

Be appreciated…

Be loved…

Be respected…

Feel as though they are valuable…

Be recognized…

Learning to love others for who they are takes time and commitment – and by that I mean YOUR time, and YOUR commitment. Eventually; however, you will grow to understand that it will be time well spent.

People want to be loved. And in order for you to love the people in your life, periodically, you will have to learn to celebrate their successes and cheer them on. So your mindset about love has to be this… “It ain’t about me.” Because Love should motivate you to sacrifice for others, without you expecting any personal benefit from it. Never think selfishly when it comes to the needs of others, and always do as much as you can within your power… to meet their needs. Life is precious. It only goes around once… then it’s gone forever. So while you can:

Live. Make good memories. Enjoy life to the fullest. Watch out for the ones you love.

Share love… a smile… a hug… a warm word of kindness… a compliment, with the ones you love most. In life, you don’t have to be perfect… you just have to allow perfect love, to have life.

Here are 7 things you can do more of… to love the people in your life:

1. Listen

2. Treat them like they’re important

3. Don’t criticize everything they do

4. See the good in them

5. Forgive them for past deeds

6. Be nice to them

7. Apologize for wrongdoing



2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Love The People In Your Life”

  1. This is hard at times, but we must do it !! It is the rightful thing to do… sometimes I expect too much from love ones, because I know they are capable of much more… I know I’m wrong.. I decided many years ago to take each person just as they are. I am no judge! Everyone is different, that’s what makes us all special =)
    This should be posted on everyone refrig. for a reminder each day. Thank you so much for your inspiring posts. God bless you and have a great day! Debbie.


    1. Thanks, Debbie! I agree… it is hard at times. People, especially the ones closest to you, are not always the easiest to love. It takes work. But the best relationships, bonds, friendships, etc., are birthed as a result of patience and time well spent… doing the necessary things it takes to help grow interactions with others. Love is possible! And as you said, people are capable of so much more. So what I’ve found is that it takes work from our end, if we ever want to see the “More”… and get the best from them.


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