“Soul Talk”: Translating Heaven’s Language

Listen to your “Soul” – it talks. Some people call it your “Conscience” or “Listening to your heart.” But in reality, it’s GOD’s voice which is trying to make a connection with you. Your soul… the way GOD has framed it, works in harmony with: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. Therefore, when you submit to GOD… your soul is then connected to the source of power which can help you make better life choices, not by your own feelings or thoughts… but by whatever command GOD gives you.

20080814204127_winding_path (550x367)

Life… comes and goes in a flash. That’s why you have to make sure you connect with GOD, follow His path… and make the most of everyday you’re given – to Live, Laugh, Love. Don’t ever allow your life to go sour. Keep pressing! Life goes on. And you have to find a way to squeeze all of the good from it. If you ever feel yourself becoming overwhelmed… or struggling with issues such as self-esteem, depression, and discouragement – search deep within your soul by turning to GOD. That’s where all of life’s answers are. Your “Soul Talk” is the voice of reason… because it’s the Voice of GOD; and it can help you out of any negative situation long before it ever becomes detrimental to your life.

Your soul understands how to translate the language of Heaven. So when you hear the cliché, “Life is about relationship,” it really is.  And that relationship is between your soul, GOD… and YOU! Here’s how the relationship works. GOD has given every person’s soul…

1. Its own heart, to feel things, by nature… the senses cannot fathom.

2. Its own ears, to hear things, the mind doesn’t understand.

3. Its own eyes, to see things, the natural eye is incapable of seeing.

4. Its own spirit, to intercede and utter things, when we don’t know what to say.

5. Its own mouth, to worship GOD, when we decide to surrender wholly to Him.

Day by day, you have to look inwardly… to live outwardly. Relax your mind… and your life. Hear GOD. Put everything in His hands. Because when you relax, you can quiet your mind and listen to the voice of GOD, you allow Him to direct you… and help you find the things you are passionate about – and strive further to find those things. There are so many possibilities for you to find joy and harmony in life. So much so, that your happiness should overshadow the negative things which come against you daily.

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