How To Guarantee Your Success

You don’t have to be perfect to feel good about yourself. GOD cares about you, even when you make mistakes. The system of the world will always expect you to accomplish something great before you feel good about yourself. GOD, however, loves you just as you are. Therefore, you can be successful… without being perfect. In reality, sometimes mistakes can help you grow… but you have to learn to allow GOD’s leading to be your road map through life – and follow it.

Woman reading

GOD is the only hope for the world. Not money. Not people. Not material possessions. Therefore, if you want to live a fulfilled and happy life, you have to purposely look to GOD for everything. He is The Provider! He is the One who takes all of our mistakes and shortcomings… and allows them to work together for His good and glory – and for our growth. So in order to guarantee your success, you have to trust GOD more… and you must strive to:

1. Achieve greatness at all costs.

2. Take 100% responsibility for your own life.

3. Do not become bitter towards people.

4. Develop a winning personality.

5. Never blame others for your failures.

6. Remember to be a giver and helper.

These are the only things that will help guarantee your success. You can never be successful, naturally or spiritually, by mimicking what you see on television. TELEVISON IS NOT REAL LIFE! To be successful, there’s only one true alternative… and that is, Let GOD be your guide in everything. Because, trying to live and make decisions without GOD, is a big mistake. It’s like driving down a foggy road without lights… with no yellow or white lines in the road… or no road signs – hoping not to crash. For sure, there’s always danger ahead in life; yet, with GOD’s guidance, you will know what to do when you approach danger… instead of being blind-sided if it takes you by surprise.

Success does not make you perfect. Even as you’re going and as you’re growing through life, day by day… you will make mistakes along the way. Nobody’s perfect! But, keep trying anyway. Embrace your past mistakes; accept that they happened, and that you can’t do anything to unmake them; and then forgive yourself for them. Every now and then, you just need to restart your life with a clean slate, with all mistakes forgiven and forgotten.

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