Make Choices You Can Be Proud Of

There’s no secret formula to living a good life. In fact, it’s public knowledge that it’s GOD who is the Provider of all things good… and those who seek GOD first, have access to “All good things.” So happiness is a personal choice. Therefore, your success in life depends on what you want to achieve… and your decision to involve GOD in every small detail. In order for you to have success, it requires: being prayerful, prompt, energetic and thorough in everything you do. But mostly, it requires setting goals and making good choices.

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There’s nothing about life that requires magic. But, everything about life requires faith. Therefore, you have to have faith to make decisions – by faith – that will change your future. Every day, you have to:

Choose to be inspired.

Choose to make a positive difference.

Choose to dream more.

Choose to love more.

Choose to learn more.

Choose to do more and become more.

Choose… GOD.

Choices require risk! But this type of risk is good. When you choose well, you will find that your choices and your actions will inspire others as well. Be enthusiastic in everything you do – small or BIG things – and remember, little things… when put together well, become one great thing.

Choices require commitment! As you look at the commitments you’ve made in your life, are they prioritized in the order that would be consistent with GOD’s will for you? Are you over-committed in one or more areas of your life, which cause other areas to suffer? I asked those questions because, when your priorities get out of order, conflict can arise… which cause you to miss the blessings GOD has for you.

No matter how much you plan and set goals in your life, just remember you can never plan it perfectly. But, the key to enduring the bumps and bruises that life can bring… is to stay motivated, reprioritize your goals… and keep making wise choices – that are consistent with GOD’s Word.

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