How To Achieve Your Dreams… Through People

Here’s a question: Are You An Achiever? Achievers are highly motivated. And they are successful at getting other people to rally around a vision or cause under any circumstance. In the worst of times, high achievers have faith that failure is only a setback – and not a total lost. Furthermore, they understand the biblical concept that, “If you can believe… all things are possible to those who believe.” Therefore, they have no reservations about believing in GOD, themselves, life… and in their dreams.

Diverse Group of People Showing Community

There’s a popular saying I use to hear quite a bit as a child which said, “No Man Is An Island.” It’s full of truth, because no matter what you want to do… if you want to be successful in life; you have to involve the help of other people. You can’t achieve anything of value alone. So it’s good to bring other people on board, because it’s tougher to quit when someone else is counting on you and sharing in your dreams. In fact, with a team that’s pulling for you, it’s less likely that you’ll want to quit.

In his book “Put Your Dream to the Test,” John C. Maxwell put this concept in simple terms by saying:

“Some people have a dream… but no team – their dream is impossible.”

“Some people have a dream… but a bad team – their dream is a nightmare.”

“Some people have a dream and are building a team – their dream has potential.”

“Some people have a dream and a great team – their dream is inevitable.”

All of the above are true. It’s not enough to just have a dream. You must also have a dream team. That takes time. It’s not as easy as 1.2.3. or 2+2. You have to assemble people who believe in you… and in your vision. And when you involve others, you have access to more knowledge, more ideas, more enthusiasm, and more resources.

There is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams. Your dreams are achievable if you will put in the effort needed to make it work… and if you can assemble a team of people who believe in you and your dreams to no end – because that’s what it will take. And so now… it’s time you get started – there’s a lot for you to do. A happy future awaits you.

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