Why You Don’t Have To Hide From Who You Are

There’s no need to hide from who you are… or what you want. GOD loves you for who you are. Stop hiding! Because no matter where you’ve been, where you’re coming from, what road you’re traveling on now, or where you’re striving to go… GOD has been there. He knows what it’s like. So you don’t have to hide anymore. If there’s something you want to achieve… GO FOR IT! Don’t allow anything to stop you. There’s nothing for you to fear.  Because when you’re fearful, you limit your faith… and the belief that “With GOD all things are possible.”

istock_000006244050small4 (550x474)

Limiting beliefs don’t play favorites. They cross all social and economic lines… and cause people to have the “Life’s Not Fair” blues. We all deal with them at one time or another; regardless of what stage of life we are in. These limiting beliefs can trap your mind in chains if you allow it. They can keep you from living a life of abundance, peace and joy. They can sneak in at any moment and negatively affect your relationships, your finances… and even your career.

But it’s time for you to come out from hiding… and discover your true self. You don’t have to run and hide from anything. GOD is your protection… and your confidence. So, take a stand for YOU. Take a stand for GOD. Because when you hide, the enemy can control you. At that point, he can make you deeply believe you are:

Unworthy of success…

Undeserving of happiness…

A loser with no career to be proud of…

A loner with no friends to confide in…

Lonely and you’ll never have intimacy or peace at home…

Full of indecision, frustration and confusion, and your life is useless…

Your circumstances are not who you really are, though. You’re much better! The reality is… the enemy is trying, over and over, to bedazzle you. The trick is, he will set up circumstances that prove over and over that, indeed, every negative thing you think about yourself is true. But it’s the farthest thing from the truth. Just like the lyrics to the song, “HIDE”  by Joy Williams says:

 “To anyone who hides behind a smile… To anyone who holds their pain inside To anyone who thinks they’re not good enough… To anyone who feels unworthy of love. To anyone who ever closed the door… Closed their eyes and locked themselves away.

You don’t have to hide… So come out, come out, come out wherever you are Anyone who’s tryin’ to cover up their scars… To anyone who’s ever made a big mistake We’ve all been there, so don’t be ashamed.”

…And if you feel like no one understands… Come to the one with scars on his hands ‘Cause he knows where you are, where you’ve been… His scars will heal you if you let him.”

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