The Truth About Being Insecure

From our very first breath, we were given the ability to choose – either to be dependent on GOD or to be independent – and take matters into our own hands. During childhood, we knew very little about the world because our understanding about life was limited. For some people; however, the desire that GOD gives each individual to choose Him… turns more toward the natural desire to please self. As a result, ‘self promotion’ has caused us to look to ourselves for resources to handle life, or to find wisdom, strength, and the ability to understand and control life… and all of its changes. By this choice, as we have changed from self-loving others to self-loving ourselves, fear has become our constant companion… and has further caused us to become very insecure.

Insecure (550x360)

It can be argued that we can be secure… only in doing the will of GOD. Yet, one of the greatest challenges we will ever have to face during our earthly journey is becoming comfortable in our own skin. GOD created each of us as unique creatures to mirror His image and fulfill His purpose. But, sometimes we lean to our own understanding of life to achieve our goals… only to find ourselves still unfulfilled. For that reason, we must turn inward and develop a faithful relationship with GOD, and then come to terms with who we are… as the first step in obtaining happiness and success in life.

Although we create images in our mind… we are not solely what we create in those mental images.

We must always be aware of how our minds can mislead us and cause us to fail in our efforts to improve our confidence, and self esteem. Very often, we try to prop up our confidence with useless efforts to become our own image of perfection. This great effort usually involves reinforcing the belief that we should somehow become the main character in the fictional story of perfection we have created. But, that only leads to self rejection. And, the reason our way will never work is… because we have to stick with GOD’s original plan to become what or who He created us to be… and not what we’ve created in our mind.

The critical voice in our head will always put a higher goal in front of us to achieve… than we can ever humanly handle. If we put our trust in GOD, though, we can avoid chasing false beliefs and spend our time on what really makes a difference in our lives – a secure relationship with GOD. When we are secure with our relationship with GOD… we are secure with ourselves. And, when we are secure with ourselves, we are much more likely to achieve success, have meaningful relationships, and be respected by others. 

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