Do You Want To Please GOD? Here’s How.

It pays to be humble… and to have humility. Humility pleases GOD… and makes Him proud of you. Fact is, GOD can work in your life better… when you’re broken – and when you’re humble enough to bow your heart, mind, body and spirit before Him – in reverence and surrender.

humility (550x365)

GOD is a willing supplier of all needs. But logistically, in order for His supply to reach its intended destination (You)… then you have to decide to let go of the situations that plague your life… and give them to GOD. When you’re in a lonely place – (and we all are at some point) – you should never hold on to pride to the point where you feel you’re above throwing up both hands and saying, “LORD, I give it to you… I need your help.”

In a sense, GOD is both, complex and simple, all at the same time. He is complex enough to where, “No man can know the mind of GOD”… and simple enough to where you can approach His throne of grace – and talk to Him one on ONE.

The great John Newton – who years ago wrote the infamous worship hymn, “Amazing Grace” had these profound words to say about humility:

 “If two angels were to receive at the same moment a commission from God, one to go down and rule earth’s grandest empire, the other to go and sweep the streets of its meanest village, it would be a matter of entire indifference to each which service fell to his lot, the post of ruler or the post of scavenger; for the joy of the angels lies only in obedience to God’s will, and with equal joy they would lift a Lazarus in his rags to Abraham’s bosom, or be a chariot of fire to carry an Elijah home.”

I love those words simply because it helps me understand something very important. And that is, humility doesn’t worry about being noticed in public. In fact, humility is only a shadow, altogether, because it does its job… just so GOD can be noticed.

GOD hates pride and arrogance… because pride and arrogance will not pray or bow before Him. So in everything you do, you have to always pray:

“LORD, never let the things of the world come between me and YOU, where I begin to desire the honor, glory and attention that alone, belongs to YOU. Keep me humble and unknown… prized, loved and noticed… by YOU, Amen.”

REMEMBER to stay humble in all you do. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more power you will have to do bigger things that matter, to you – and to GOD.

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