The Role You Play in Your Own Personal Happiness

Be content in whatever state you are in.” NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! So, everyday, you have to enjoy all the wonderful things GOD has blessed your life with… while you have them to enjoy. Whatever situation you’re in, you can believe that someone has it much worse. Therefore, be happy with who you are, where you are… while you are – and be thankful.

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What makes you happy? In most cases, people dream of having the perfect life. But, it’s not going to happen. Keep your expectations realistic. While you’re on the earth… you will have to face trouble, pain and trials throughout your life. That’s a fact! You might enjoy a few “perfect” days here and there, but something will always happen to dampen or darken your mood… and spoil the joy.

The culture we live in… has given the majority of people a distorted view of the reality they should seek. And because of that, people are seeking to find their “Paradise” now… instead of seeking GOD – and the “Eternal” Paradise He offers. But life is not about keeping up with the Joneses… so to speak. So instead of seeking:

The money

The prestige

The expensive things

The luxury mansion or beach condo

… It’s better to seek GOD first – then all of the best things that life has to offer… will be added. That’s the truth! That’s the good life.

Don’t misunderstand me here. Wealth and riches are good, especially when the pursuit of those things is put in its proper place – after a relationship with GOD. But it’s what some strive a lifetime to achieve. It’s what some sell their soul to possess.

It starts out simple. Then, you notice the shiny new car, the latest electronic gadget, the designer dress – that’s “to die for.” In your mind you think, “Wow! This would really make me happy.” And, “This would impress my friends… and make others jealous.

Problem is, though, after while, that’s all you’ll think about… because it will become an obsession. Then after you get it and everyone else starts to get it too… now you want something more – and the cycle begins all over again.

Don’t be fooled. Be wise! You have a role in your own happiness. Next time you find yourself consumed with “Things”… remember to take time to enjoy what GOD has given you. Take time to enjoy your family, to appreciate nature, to help someone who is in need, to read the Word of GOD… and to remember your Creator. Take time to remember that, “Only what you do for Christ, will last.”

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