You’re Broken, To Be Made Beautiful

Everyone feels empty at some point in life – even if it’s only for a brief moment, here and there. Then there are days when everything seems broken altogether. Still, you smile on the outside… while at the same time, you feel lost and hurt on the inside.

Butterfly (550x331)

You, me… and everyone else; we hate those moments of emptiness. If someone asks, “What’s wrong?”… It might be kind of hard for you to explain. And everything you try to do to make yourself happy, only lasts for a brief moment, if at all. Somehow, you end up at the point where you don’t know, one way or the other, what to do. But all you know is you are empty and you just want to get rid of it so you can feel like your life has some sort of purpose.

Here’s something to think about that might help… and I hope it encourages you. Sometimes, it will seem like life is testing you on every side. But GOD’s purpose for your life, when you’re tested and tried… is for you to be molded into what He wants you to be. So, you can say that His purpose is for you to be “Broken… in order for Him to make you Beautiful.” Simply said, beauty takes hard work, it never comes easy.

Take the example of the caterpillar. The caterpillar can fly, but not as a caterpillar – only as a butterfly. It has the potential, but something has to happen to it first, before it can fly. Like the butterfly, you too have to go through changes, so GOD can move you from ‘Crawling in the sand’… to ‘Soaring like a butterfly’. But it can’t happen as the person you are now. Only when you are tested and tried in fire… can you shine like pure gold. That’s why I love these beautiful lyrics written by Gwen Smith in her song, “Broken Into Beautiful.” It says:

“You change worthless into precious…Guilty to forgiven; Hungry into satisfied… Empty into full; All the lies are shattered… And we believe we matter, When You change broken into beautiful.

We live with accusations… Sometimes heavy expectations, That tell us we can never measure up; And yet You repeat with mercy… That in your eyes we are worthy; At last we see how much we’re loved cause… You change broken into beautiful.”

Wow! GOD is so good to take our messy heart-wounds and bring His healing. He makes it all new. And, that’s beautiful.

PRAYER: LORD, bring the hearts of your people to healing, hope and restoration… through every situation they might be facing today. And once redemption takes place… let their experiences be a testimony and a testament of Your “Perfect grace” and Your “Everlasting mercy” – to others. Amen.

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