Self-Doubt Can Steal Your Identity

Never allow self-doubt to control you! When you are contemplating making a life change, things can seem much bigger and harder than they really are. When you take a look at life and try to see the ‘Big’ picture, it can be a little scary… and it can make you feel small and incapable. And that in itself, can be overwhelming enough to make you quit on life.

Man_Thinking (550x309)

Doubt is a fierce enemy I know all too well. It knows just how to tease you enough to keep your attention… and make you question all the things about your life you once felt good about. Years ago, when I was at the highest point of my life, one tiny seed of doubt caused me nearly three years of turmoil I never knew was possible to experience. Not long after I graduated from college, self-doubt took control of my life… and almost took it away from me. One thing led to another, and before I knew it… I was trapped — mind and spirit — in the clutches of one life’s greatest foes. It tossed me into a dark, bottomless pit of fear; and day by day, it eventually took me through a shadowy tunnel of anxiety, that ultimately led to panic attacks.

After months of throwing my own parties – (pity parties, that is) – I began to pray very specific prayers. I asked GOD to show me what to do. His response, though, was quite simple. His answer to my prayers was this, “You will never change your life until you change the way you see ME.” Wow! So I was doing it all wrong. And it’s probably because I wanted to be in control. But GOD has to be in control. YOU, me… or no one else have no idea how to live life – until we understand what GOD sees in us, or we relinquish control to Him.

Want Better? Step out of your comfort zone and TRUST GOD. Try things His way. That’s what all of us have to do to release ourselves from the authority of doubt. Trying new things can be scary. But, even if you fail at first… at least you’ve tried. Yet, you have to keep trying. There’s nothing like living with the regret of not trying something, simply because you were afraid… or you doubted yourself.

Nothing is too hard! But, you will never know what you can be… or can do, unless you take the first step forward – in spite of the odds that are stacked against you. Each day presents new opportunities. So, don’t mentally paint yourself into a corner because of fear, uncertainty or doubt. And never feel like you have to stay the way you are, because there are no other options. All you need is a little faith… and GOD will handle the rest – to show you the How.

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