Are You Just Killing Time?

How many times have you heard clichés like, “I’m just killing time”… or “I’ll do it later?” We’ve all used them… and probably still have a habit of saying them – even now. But, why waste time? And, how is it that we say we’ll get to it, but never really get around to doing so? Then, before long… “Not now” becomes “never.” But Ask yourself, “What is the most valuable use of my time – right now? What can I do differently with the time GOD has allotted me… to become everything I’ve dreamed of being?”


In life, everything is hard… before it’s easy. But to be great, you have to have vision and know, just because something’s hard, that doesn’t make it impossible. Therefore, you actually have to have a dream… in order to make a dream come true. And you have to use time wisely to make things happen. Procrastination won’t get you anywhere.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” So the best way to predict your future… is to create it. To do that, you have to be clear about what you want to achieve… and go after it. Do the hard stuff now, so it will be easier for you later. Do the things you don’t want to do… but you know you should do. You will appreciate it later in life.

GOD delights in us… and in our happiness. For that reason, make a commitment to commit to Him, and then commit yourself to your life goals. Put in the hours. The harder you work, the better you get… not on your job, but on your dreams. No excuses… because excuses don’t pay very well. But, faith does… and action does.

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” ~ Proverbs 27:1

Are you just killing time? Procrastination is a natural assassin to time and opportunity. It’s so easy to justify. It provides natural comfort… for the moment. It causes us to think to ourselves, “One day I’m going to do that… or we say, “Someday, I’m going to get serious about my relationship with GOD, but not right now.” Or, “Sometime soon, I’m going to forgive that person that hurt me.” Unfortunately, for many people, one day never comes.

The reality is… you may delay, but time will not. So, don’t fool yourself that important things can be put off till tomorrow; they can either be put off forever, or not at all.

That’s why, in a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do. The worst thing you can do… is NOTHING!

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